Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just the THREE of US.

Last Friday, me, mak and my lilttle sister (which is not that small since she's taller and thinner than me) were totally bored being just at home doing nothing and since school holidays are about to meet its end. Why not, since everone in our house were so busy doing their things, which walid was in Perlis having a visiting to the relatives and abang was busy working where only duirng midhinghts his nose will be seen. So, mak decided to go on a night at Melaka. Everything was totally a last minutes planning. That morning which was on that Friday morning, mak asked me where to go? Then, I was like.. haaa? Where do you want to go? Then, mak said, lets go to Melakalah. Search pnuya search, we decided to stay at Philea Resort and Spa. It is 750m from tol Ayer Keroh. Sangat dekat. If drive from Shah Alam, dalam an hour and half aja. Assume like it was a get-away for the three of us. Teheee. What more can I say? Here are some random pictures taken.

 Mak, the vacay was awesome! ILOVEYOU, MAK!

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