Saturday, June 25, 2011

1st Day Baru, Bro.

The first day at my office was like, blarh! I arrived at 7.45am which actually my report to duty should be at 8.30am. Well, thought of being late because of the traffic jam. But, I was totally wrong. The jam wasn't that horrifying since it only takes 15-20 minutes to my office. As I arrived, I asked the guard there where to park. He told me, just go to B2, and park there. Then, I wen to B2 and park. I waited in the car like almost 20-30 minutes, I guess? Yalah, why not from the time I arrived it was like 7.45am and I waited until 8.15am. Yeah, call me punctual because I am. But not as early as I expected! Huhuhu, what can I say, during the first day, you might wanna show some excitements in working, kan? Hahahah..

After I enter into the building, here it goes. My first day of working has started. I was freaking nervous and to be honest, I feel like I wanted to turn back and run. But, my spirit ask me to stay and go on. So, as I arrived, I when to the 5th floor which is the HR Dept. There, the HR Dept which was Puan Zalina that was in charge to assigned me what department I'll be working. But, what I've been told in the call last 2 days, I'll be joining in Communication Depat. I was like " Oh my, if I was in that dept, wearing baju kurung doesn't fit." Then, she brougth me to the 4th floor. There, I was assigned at Admin Dept under Purchasing.

So, to tell all of you, yeah! Now, I'm a tempo stuff at Purchasing Dept. What I do? I do all the Purchasing Order (PO), GRN ( where I don't know what the hell is that), making slip accounting, order and negotiate with the supplier upon the price that we order. Making a mistake in doing PO will bring a big consequences. Like serious! Why? Because, this order will come from the whole other of its anak company in Malaysia. Yeah, it covers all. Scary huh? I'm faaaaaaaaaaaaar scary tau! I hope, I can absorbs those techniques in doing PO so soon! Hopefully!

Oh, did I tell you, the first day of my working day, the building was hectic! Yeah. Karenanya, pemindahan anak-anak company ke HQ which is now where I'm working at. So, not much that they thought me. But, who cares, I'mma fast leaner. Bhahah.

To be honest;

I do know how to do PO but since it was my very first day, of course I'm quite slow in doing it. Well, pray for me you guys :)

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