Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bra! Wear The Right One.

During the summer, wearing the right bra becomes a crucial wardrobe factor.  You need something wireless to avoid chafing in the heat, a perfect sports bra for all the outdoor exercise, something strapless to go with your summer strapless dress, and so on. Not only that, wearing the right bra for your breast is important because it prevent you from having breast cancer. Peoplo normally take  this matter for granted by not knowing the consequences. Hence, here below might shows the right bra for the right occations., I guess.

Whatever it is, you want to avoid this common starlet mishap:

You really don't wanna look like this? Jessica Simpson, bra-less? What in the world is she doing?

Right. So let’s get started.

A good wireless bra is a must-have for summer.  Comfortable yet supportive, it’s a little more low-key than your normal underwire, and still looks good under lightweight tees. This is very comfortable and suitable whenever you are wearing tshirts.

If you’re a fan of tube tops or strapless dresses, you’ll need the right bra to go underneath.  From seamless to wireless to a little bit sexy (like the example above), we’ve rounded up the best options. Showing your bra's stripes isn't wise. People doesn't want to see your pricey bra darling.

If you have a larger bust, lucky you!  But also, make sure it’s fitted with the proper bra. Check out the bras we’ve gathered into our Bras for Big Busts Guide in order to find the right support. Find the right bra that can support the weight of your breast. You don't want to torture your "assets", right?


For low, medium, or high-impact activity, be sure to wear a sports bra that will provide the support you need.  Whether you’re a speed-walker or an elite-ranked gymnast, we know the right sports bra for you. Some might say that with doing an outdoor activities, women doesn't need to wear bra. Please darling, any activities, people doesn't want to see your breast jumping up and down. It annoys us actually.


Do you thrash around so much at night that you like to sleep in a bra?  Or maybe you’ve got an unpredictable roommate.  Whatever the reason,  supporting your bust doesn’t always end with bedtime, so find the best options for staying covered at night time. Seem descent, aite?

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