Thursday, February 2, 2012


Actually, this post should had been few months ago. But, being a busy women which I know, I'm not that busy but being sooo lazy and the laziness has manipulated me from the early of the the whole first two weeks of my semester break. Now only, I'm feeling like writing about my trip to Singapore.

Singapore? It's a country with a very futuristic development, I guess compare to Malaysia. It's not that I'm condemning Malaysia. It's how they developed and how the country works. There, you can compare their cleanliness, their securities, disciplines and several which you need to see it yourself. Their architecture are quite interesting and really attracts me. It kinda remind me of the building structure in UK. Neat. I don't understand why minors of Malaysian do hate Singapore that much. Hey, you must admit that they are good and intelligent. Even their people do follow all the laws and regulation perfectly. Why not us, Malaysia?

It's not a crime to adapt their way of managing their country. Do you think so?I don't matter of fact it do bring peace and all the citizens will then have more respect to the government. Why not us, take some of what they have. Especially, in their management. I need to agree, the services and their management they provided are pretty efficient and effective compare to Malaysia. This is because, the only sources they have are by having a lot of tourist into their country. More tourist, more income.

Kita, Melayu ni biasalah. Always being in the comfort zone and never felt defendant. Okay, cukuplah dengan ceramah entah hape-hape. Here are some of the pictures.

A place that must be visited, I do recommend you guys. :)

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