Friday, February 3, 2012

Semester Break.

My semester break for the early two weeks were just ok. Nothing special. Eh eh eh, got.going date make my day turns out to be special. Ngehgehgeh.

 While waiting lets camwhore. Heuheuheu.
Sila lempang, muka annoying.

 Eat, eat and eat. This is just only the same common we had.

 This is delicious. Crazy Potato.

 Yea, I'm ready for next semester babeh! Thanks for 1Malaysia Book Voucher.

Moo Cow! So tasty! More tasty than Tutti Futti. This is more worth trying.

My semester break, was all about doing chores, fetching my sister from school and dating. A lot that I've listed before the break, almost all I've achieved.

Eating frozen yogurt, Moo Cow: Checked
Picnic at Taman Tasik Perdana: Checked
Eat Gelato ice cream: Checked.
Watching Underworld: Checked
Shopping: In progress to be prevent
Hanging out with girlfriends: In progress

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