Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its all about being in the pictures.

I randomly clearing my picstures in my hard disk and ran into all these old pictures. And here what I've found. Well, pictures do tell everything, indeed. Certain stories might not be told thru words but can be reflect thru pictures. Of course, these above pictures might not be in a quality figure nor none of us are photoganic, but hell yeah it brings up the memories. Some of the goods and certains of the sour from the past. Some of the do's and don'ts in hanging up with people.

Maybe, it's the time for me to move on without tearing apart my feelings on something that has past. Lame is it? Now, I'm feeling lifeless. Okay Tasnim, create new sweet memorable memories yeah? Fine, sure do.


  1. k...cipta memori baru dgn ak k..
    sbb pic lme2 ko nie x ad ak..huhuhu

  2. smue pictures lamalah etek.
    ye ye..mesti punyelah ayang anje niii..wahaha..