Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Own Way.

In my way of living, I do have certain things that I agree, disagree, like nor dislike.
If I only have the world by my own, my way
I'll change totally almost everything accordingly my way
Being well perfect isn't positive enough for a human to identify their strengths nor weakness

On the contrary, who am I to run the world?
Only Allah s.w.t has the jurisdiction to do so.

Everything belongs to Him.

From head to toe.
Including the universal itself.
Who am I to seize the power that only belongs to Him?

Hence, I create my own future, my own path during the time being
At first, there aren't any mission nor vision
A blurry futuristic plan was being seen by myself

After almost two decades, then only a clear picture been seen
In my head
The first movement needed,
To have the guts to run all the obstacles
From any angle, any inch
Being furious in taking charge of my life

Not almost trillions people living on the Mother Earth have the guts as a go-getter
Why shouldn't I myself start from beneath on becoming a go-getter?

First step, first move, first action
It's not about others
It's how you want your future to be formed in your own way

Mistakes, experinces, achievments, knowledges
These do make human more matured
I believe in it somehow because at this stage of living,
I myself,
Facing all these where even I can barely bear

Only I can be incharge to scatch my future
To make it happen.

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