Thursday, July 14, 2011

Being Missed or Missed in Action?

I miss spending with my girls-schoolmates. A lot!

Missing those moments with a bunch of friends that I known during my Diploma. Where are you guys haaa?

Missed the day that we went to Bandar Segamat wearing baju kurung and go karoake and play at Upwell's Arcade. Like seriously!!!

Missed having the unplanned overnight! This was crazy! But loving it soooo much! Because, it was the first time me and Kekasih have our overnight. Even though we weren't a couple yet during that time. But, IT WAS FUN I TELL YOU ALLZZZ.

Missed the night that we cam-whores with the juniors (Lala & Lulu)! A night when we've gone hyper active!

Missed Abang Remy that always teased me because I'm much 'spentot' than her!

Of course I missed this lady here! Ena Banana! A girlfriend that I tend to call during my hard time, gossiping time and of course, during anytime I need her :) I miss youlah!

Missing Teha too. She do reminds me of Teletubies. The way she walks, exactly wei!

I missed hanging out with you Non. I'm trying to seek an empty time to spend with you. This was out first time meeting each other at Annexe after being friends for 2-3 years, aite? You're such a gorgy!

This person here, I totally missed! My bestest friend ever, Farah! Can't wait to meet you up! Almost a year we didn't meet ha? Please come back a.s.a.p!

This is Diya. She's a mother to two child. But, here attitude and body shape doesn't seem like one. The cursing lady. Wahahahahahah. I missed you!

Sharifah Amani's look a like! Hahah, nah, this is Apek! I love hanging out with her because she always make me laugh. With her, I play hard and study hard too. Believe me, she help me a lot thru the last semester!

This was the top 5 best moment I guess? Yeah! An overnight to Melaka just for the sake of completing our Arab's Project. 

An overnight where I bring nothing but myself! It was so sudden when this guy here, Qutaybah, drove us to Melaka. Such a crazy idea.

Yeah, that's Lulu (free hair). Many who always saw us talking near the corridor will assume us as twin. Blurghh, not at all. Well, she's crazy enough to be my twin sister. Bahahah.. But, did I tell you that she's such a talkative person? Yeah, non-stop! But, the best part is when she always compliment about my hair. Yeah, she adore my hair a lot! Khrkrhkrhr..

Yeah, a candid picture where I didn't realize at all. My Kekasih! I missed youlah Sayang! It has been almost a month we didn't meet up since both are busy with our working days. Damn it! Even next week he'll be finish with his contract, yet, he need to stay in Melaka just to wait for the durian. A week kot! Then only he'll be back in Ampang. Gosh, almost two months to have a real date T__T

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