Monday, July 25, 2011

Ke Jalan TAR, ke KLCC!

Okay, this post might be vain enough for me to write down. But, who give a damn though! My weekend was awesome I tell you guys. To be true, I never been to Jalan TAR, Sogo neither Pertama. Then, for the sake of fulfilling my wants and needs because of the eager-nest to see and feel the atmosphere of Jalan TAR, kekasih brought me there :) Teheeee, loving you so much Sayang. It was yesterday. The day was tiring and exhausted, people. From 8.30 am until 6.00 pm we were out for the whole day. About 6 hours us just survaying, shopping and walking down the Jalan TAR, Sogo and Pertama with the heavy rain and traffic jam. It was like, awesome! I just love it. And, what really makes me happy and satisfied, I bought my baju raya already :) Khrkhrkhrkhrkhr.. See, how eager am I when I'm at Jalan TAR. Who won't. There were a lot of  baju kurung, shawl and sarees you can buy with a very low price. I was browsing all the shops at Jalan TAR and almost from each shop I did bought something. See, I'm greedy enough during shopping. Just, it was like in heaven! RM200+ worth spending okay. Yet, varieties of goodies I did bought. Wishing to go there again and again and again with a hope that kekasih will tagged me along, again :)

I LOVE MY SUNDAY! How about you?

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