Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I hate whenever the past memories remain in my life. It's scary though. You wish all the past stories will vanish a.s.a.p, sadly, it doesn't as you wanted. And believe me, I've tried a trillion time. It takes a while to do so. Then, at certain time, you are really confident with all the memories that you eraser. But, have you ever thought that it has been 200% erased from your life? For how long you can bare for not remind yourself about your past? Re-think about it people. It's horrifying I tell you.

Sometimes, the past experience's I do take it as a lesson for me and certain may I take as some 'knowledgeable experience (where now I know the do's and the dont's). However, past might kills you too. For me, some of it and it's kinda traumatic to mesmerizing the part where we didn't expected 'it' to happen. Hence, til now I'm such a paranoid about 'it'. Hope, what's in present and will in future does not be repeated like in the past. Amin.

Dearly Missed,
I love you as who you are and I hope it goes the same way you to me. I love you unconditionally as like you're no harm to me. I don't give a shit while others criticizes about your physical because the only person I see on you is your inner. I love you and hope you will too, Sayang.

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