Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh Memories.

This lately I'm kinda emotional. I mean my moods tend to swing so sudden. Yeah, I know. It is not and will never be good for my health or anyone. Including the relationship that we are into. Memories from past always keep playing in my head and I often mesmerizing what I used to do, to act in the past. People from the past also keep on playing in my head like a short film. How I wish I could freeze every second of my memorable moments. Especially, those time we used to spend by doing nothing but laughing and experience the whole world like the world just revolve around us.

" Every conversations of us I missed. Every issues that we often fought, I missed. Every single stupid things of you, I missed. Every problems that occur and every details I used to shared with you, I missed. Every words that tend to built my self esteem, I'm craving now. Every nowhere-to-go-places- with you, I missed doing it so. What else I can say? I miss you Nur Farah Nadia. Please come back home fast!"

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