Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hari Bersejarah!

Last Sunday on the 15th May 2011, it was a historical day for me. My convocation day for my Diploma :)
I was extremely excited with feeling anxious and nervous due to the receiving the certificate on the stage (padahal tak dek pun. kene pulangkan jubah baru boleh dapat minitranscriptnya.) What so ever pun, I did managed to walk still time receiving my Diploma by the Mr Pro-Chansellor. Heheheh. A lot of hard work, hectic time, pressure and everything that others will do to achieve in her/his academic for the sake to gain the Diploma with flying colors.

 "A thousands pictures, words does not really reflect how I felt that day. A trillion thank you to those who support me since from my start until the half way and until now, where I'm standing. Allah Selamatkan kami. "

Alhamdulillah, I've gained what I ever wish for. Now, I'll try my best to place my name, myself as the First Class students for my Degree pula :) Pray for me. Okay?

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