Thursday, August 11, 2011


When someone ask me about how my life is going through,
I'll easily answer it,

" My life? I'm doing great! Living my life to the fullest!"

I'll ask myself at one moment,

" Am I really enjoying my life? Living to the top of the world?

My heart will calmly beats and the beat as melancholy
My mind will stop thinking of other issues
And randomly all the memories started to recape and play as a trailer of my life

Secretly I'll answer,

" I'm grateful with what I have, what I've achieved for today, I'm thankful living my life until today whre I'm standing and freelt breath. Yet, lots of dreams aren't achieved yet. "

These questions from whom, I'll simply answer through what I've felt and gone through.

When God ask me then,

" How you've been doing with the life on Mother earth? How many deeds and sins you have committed? "

At that time,
I'll shiver hardly, all the memories hardly to recape
In view of the fact that,
Mouth are shut, brain and mind?
Bring to the stand still, without any memories to be shown.

And the only simply seen reactions
Are made by the body part.

How is that? Only a silent mode and none gesture with uncontrol body movement.

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