Sunday, August 7, 2011


Since, I'm in my weekends and it's officially the two days end for the workers to have their time to be spend with family, friends and whoever they wanted to. As for me, my weekends are the two days for me to be spend on my family :) See, I told ya that I'm not the kind who you can see/find at BB anymore. Hohoho..

Now, let me tell you about my Saturday.

It was a blast! Why? It has been a long time since my sister were married, mak brought us to The Curve and Subang Parade ( even though I'm a regular shopper at The Curve yet it's different going with your mother and siblings). The best part was, I didn't need to drive since my brother did. Never before he drove us anywhere. Hahahaha, now he does. Seriously, I'm so not into driving anymore eventhough I have my own. Since when? Since a year half back then, drinving wasn't apart of my favourite anymore.

Then, like usual lah. We shopped! Chop! I didn't, but my brother and sister did. Mum bought them a whole bunch of clothes, trousers and shoes for my brothers. Yeah, actually, these are for raya. But, it seems like my little brother were being so 'keciwi' and eager to wore his Crocs on the spot. Errrr, so called batakkan? My sister? Mum brought her an Oxfard shoes (again where I did bought before for her.) and a top. See, how lucky are they, kan? As for me, since I'm working, the bills are all on me. Bhahah, nah. To be fair, mum just bank in :) Which I prefer more! Hahahahahahahaaa!

Called us a gold digger man! Hahaha, nah, just to be fair mak bought as all these just for the sake to see us happy and I know, she was eager to buy something yet, it doesn't really attract her total attention. I'm sorry for you mak. A new handbag is a must for her, but none suits her. Like serious, where were the good quality and perfect match kinda handbag go? We'll find another ye, mak? Hoho.

Actually, Im lucky, eh eh eh we are lucky and proud to be Mak's children and having her as our mum. Since, I don't know when, we didn't shopped together and when we did, my mum goes broke. Miahahahaha.

One sentence, four words for you mak,



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