Friday, January 21, 2011


How does it feels when you are someone who always involves into argument? Well, totally I'm a no no person for arguments. Either with my family, friends nor the love ones. Hell yeah, it's tiring. This lately, I always (I assume everyday) will be crushing into an argument. From a simple, tiny winny thing until it transforms into a huge one. I hate it when this happen. It's like, when you're trying to make everything go perfect and smooth then someone will just crash and left it with a huge black hole just like that. Yeah. I've been messing up my head with a lot of arguments this lately (with whom? Just pretend like you do know.) Why? Kenapa? It's not the question that I can answer easily. Even for you people take it as a common one. I've bear everything, Ive put my strength, tolerances and positive vibes in every each one of my actions and words. I try to consider every feelings, consequences that will be damaged. But then? Arguments come falling from above. It's okay for once a while, arguments happen. But always? It's tiring and it raise up the negative vibes in you. I love you, it's always going to be in my heart. From before, now and til then. But understanding you with your mood swing? Sorry sayang, I'm not the person that tend to make you feel comfortable nor a place for you to be pampered 24/7. Pictures of you and me being in the same path starting to fade away. From every breathe that I, you took, the color of enjoyment, our moment to be cherish and the happiness we used to had are starting to fall off. We are no more on the same track, we are no more having the same path, we are no more ' the other half ' and we are no more having the same passion. It's tearing up. Til when I'll be acting strong? Til I can. I hope we do become like before. Having those romantic moments, dinner, dates and silly conversations. I miss all of that, Sayang. I really do.

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