Monday, March 14, 2011

Te Amour.

Sayang, thanks for toninght. Seriously, I never thought that you'll come all away from Ampang just to make sure that I'm okay? (seriously, you put me in a full of surprises when you called said that you're in front of my house.)  Just with sitting and hearing my problems less than two hours. Is it worth it? Maybe, untuk lelaki lain, tak kot. Yelah, from Ampang to Subang. It's not a short journey kan? Yelah, it takes about an hour for you to arrive here. Dengan hujan lagi. But you? Sanggupkan? Thanks yang teramat sangat. I love you sayang :) You're totally the other half of mine.

Biarlah orang lain kata you gemuk ke chubby ke macam indon ke macam keling ke or what so ever di mana bukan pujian yang membina, tapi bagi I, you're more than what I can asked. Percayalah, you complete almost the whole of me.