Tuesday, March 8, 2011


How's life nowadays Tasnim? Awesome? Fair? Good? Bad? Miserable? Yeah, thought so. For the few past days, I really had the-not-so-awesome-days. Yeah, miserable. I don't know why. Maybe because of my mood swings often or maybe I'm facing the changes of hormons. I'm starting to feel I'm outcast-ing from anyone else in class, house and all kind of environment that I used to had. I don't know. It is ridiculous actually, seeing me in silent mode with a grumpy face. For real okay. Instead of saying all those words that will bring ups the gloomy mood, it's better for me to shut up. Kan? Okay, maybe I'm soooooooo not having the self-motivated motivatorkaaaan? Okay, fine. LOSER. Haih, chins up Tasnim. I know you miss mak walid back in Subang. But, you'll be back by Friday wei. Chill lah :) Blarh! Still can't. Mak and walid will be going for vacations during my journey back to Subang. Sama juga, tak jumpa mereka :'( Eh, wait. Still got a night with them since I'll be back on Friday and they'll be going on Saturday morning. Yehaaaa. Tapi, malam Sabtu duduk rumah sorang-sorang. Sob sob sob.

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