Sunday, March 13, 2011

Once Again.

Once again, I feel nude in public. It's not public humiliation, but it's my inner humiliation. Acting to be so strong but the fact that I'm just a very sensetive with a fragile heart. Of course, it has become such a habit to stood up still with chins up but the pain inside is getting older. If before I never declare how much I appreciate those in fornt of me, now I'm declaring it with pride and full of regret for not showing the love before. Being alone is not awesome at all. When you miss someone or a bunch of people but then, they aren't there by your side, it's a pain in your ass kan? Yeah, that's what I'm going through now. For the very first time ever, I'm missing mak and walid so badly. I'm sorry for not being intelligent to show a love of a daugther to her parents. I barely can express it because, it's not who I am. But, I hope you (mak, walid) can feel the same too. I love you, mak & walid.

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