Sunday, November 13, 2011

not at all.

Assalammualaikum and a very good morning everyone.

Today, I'll be going back to Segamat which I'm not excited at all. Yet, the bag aren't been packing yet. The clothes aren't been choose yet. In other words, nothing perhaps are prepared. Gosh, why it takes like a while for the university to give public holidays to the students? Can't they see and feel that I, especially do need several weeks to heal my energy and rest my brain from the bedlam of the quizzes, assignments and test? If only, if only they have pity haaa?

But, it makes me realize how precious all the time that I've spent with my family. It was so precious and seriously, it can't be treasure and replace even for a thousands time. Now I realize the value by just staying at home and doing chores. I'm not kidding yaw. If before I do keep on bumbling said all this and that negatives perceptions and thoughts, but now, like spending your time at home with your family is worth it. Maybe I've grown older and it makes me realized how great-full I should be, aite? You see, people don't live their life forever. They will meet their last day on Earth and maybe because of that thoughts, it makes me realized how valuable all those time for me. Especially with mak and walid. And I'm starting to notice that as a grown ups, family do matter the most. They are really my top priority. For surelah everyone does feel the same kot. Ahah. 

Anyway, I can't help myself by feeling so anxious to meet my semester break for this sem :) Do you? Ahah.

This is why,

  1. I can spend more and more and more and more time with these people :)
  2. I can rest my brain and recharge my energy.
  3. I can shop very well.
  4. I don't need to suicide any mistakes or problems with others.
  5. No heavy commitments to deal with.

Blessed :)

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