Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Graduation Day

On 25th October 2011, was Kekasih's historical day. The day he's officially a Diploma holder :) Congrates Sayang <3 See, I'm the one who's being over extra excited pulakkan? Gelitis betul. Ahakssss..

Actually, everything wasn't planned until the night before his graduation day. What plan? The plan to attend his graduationlaaaaaah. Ahaaaa.. Or, can I say, it was a surprise for My-Own-Bradd-Pitt-Wannabe? Pun bolehlah.

During the day, it was heavily raining. But thank God, we arrived after the heavy raining. So, no worries to climbed up the hills to attend the convocation. Ahaaa, Alhamdulillah. It takes almost 3 hours me being there and heeeeeep! I did managed to see him on stage. Ahaaa, I'mma proud nigga! (Pesal plak aku yang nk jadi proud nigga pulak? Tak paham betul.) Back to the topic. After semua dah selesai, there comes all the graduates. Alolololo, teringat time aku. Keluar-keluar jek, parents sambut but my story wasn't like that at all. I was alone. Ahaha, brader tak braderlahkan.

I did lied to him kata I was in Segamat studying for my test. Turns out I was waiting for him to meet him. Time tu, dup dap lah juga, His parents was there. And time jumpa, gosh. Semua terkejut. Ahaaa, see, I've told you that I can also be romantica de'amour what. Terharu tak? Ahahah. Here are the pictures. Sikit saja since his parents was so exhausted and hungry. Kesian sangat.

Emaknya, adiknya dan ayahnya.

Bersama teman sediploma dan sehousemate.

Bersama seorang ustazah T__T
(tengoklah tangan aku tuh.)

Congratulation Love :)

" Sayang, congrats for your achievement. I'm so proud of you. I pray all the best for you in your life, here and after. I love you Sayang."


  1. skang dah pandai nak romantik2 ye tasnim... hhaha... roamntik tok sahabat bila plak... windu la kat ko... huuu

  2. mestilaaah.lame2,romantika de amour kaaaan?ahakk..geli siot.