Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whats next?

Well, it has been 3 days me being in Subang. It has been so hassle these days. Not actually spend the whole study leaves with friends and at home as I told before my mother's condition. But Alhamdulillah, she'll be discharge tomorrow. As said by the doctorlah. For this three days, berulang aliklah saya dari Subang ke Shah Alam. Fuuhhhhh, ponat den. Tonight will be going Shah Alam too. Meeting up with my friends. Awwww, I loike :) 

Actually, I don't take this study week as study week. But, for me it should be know as study leaves. Why? Well, our mind, mental and physical do need rest right? It's not for ever dawg, maybe a few days break. Kaaaaan? Plus, my parents won't agree as if I bring back all the books to do my revision. Pasti kena bebel. Biasalah. Macam tak sedaplahkan. Same goes to our parents, if bawak balik kerja ke rumah, pasti kene bebel dengan sang suami. Ye dok? Gitulaaaah.

Whats next?
Ermm, I'll be going back to Segamat tomorrow. Tapi, besok before leaving, shoppinglaaaaaah. Apa lagikan :) Dah dua bulan wei tak jejak mana-mana shopping mall since busy nak mampus. But now, to relief the tense, by spending will help. Teheee..

And and and my first paper will start on 27th April and end on 10th May. Gilalaaaah, tutup pagar terus kot :( Bila masalah pulak nak ambil jubah convo. Haishh, UiTM.. timing kau memang terbaiklahkan. Hohohoho, but never mind. I'm soooo looking forward for the months of semester break. Yolah, mau kerjaaaaaa. Kumpul duit.

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