Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pendatang baru.


Recognize her? Yeah, the girl in the pictures above? It's Miss Aisya Hasnaa. Pretty aite? The girl from Subang Jaya that has a wonderful voice. She's so talented in singing. And she's only around 19 or 20 like thatlah. (but for sure lagi muda dari aku.) I've watched her video in youtube. Damn NICE! Seriously, I adore her so much. Since when? Since she was tagged along to visit my father in hospital with my cousin. Since she was at my cousin's house for kenduri tahlil. She is so sweet! Seriously, when I said sweet, memang SWEET. Tak tipu and very friendly. She's the sister to the Icip-Icip's host/chef, Anis Nabilah. Taukan? Alaaa, yang kat TV9 selalu keluar tuh. Haaa, yang itulah. Itu kakak dia. Yang ini, adik dia.

Okay, now Aisya dah ada single baru which is Lagu Mahu Kamu. Please search it on Youtube.com. I love her song! Ala-ala pop jazz. Alaa, jazz yang macam Amy Winehouse tuh. Lovely. I think sesiapa yang dah baca previous entry aku yang title dia "Adore her, please", taulah how her voice sounds like. Kalau you guys tak suka, nevermind. But, ILOVEHER! Tak percaya? I bet you guys pun akan suka dia. Trylah dengar lagu dia. Memang awesome. When I said aweseome, yeah A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

Oh oh, tadi di WHI she was being interviewed. Yes, wearing polka dotsssss bebeh!

So, apa lagi, hear it now lah. People, do support our local singers like her. She do really has the potential of being a Superstar. Eh eh eh, tak pun, a sweet, pretty superstar with a big wonderful voice in it. Love you Aisya :) Ini dah promote habis dah nih. Hek hek hek.

(Okay, I'm so crazy dengan dia sampai macam lesbo pun ada. No no, tapi aku meminati dia. Diri dia, style and everything about her.)

Try to hear it here Lagu Mahu Kamu.


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