Sunday, November 14, 2010

Amazing uh?

It's amazing if I had trillion of ringgit.
It's amazing if I could travel around the world.
It's amazing if I could bring happiness to the people I know.
Amazing isn't it?

But life is not about being amazing.
It's how we measure to earn it.
Because life is not always being amazing but it's how we try to make it amazing.
I tend to question myself and seeking for the answers.
And, here I understand.
Having aan amazing, perfect life does not bring a whole of thrill, adventure or challange.
Because every stage and step I take to achieve it, has its own memory and obstacle.
It make me much stronger.
Here I praised to Allah and as a humble servant to Him, I thank to Him for giving such a beautiful and priceless life for me to keep on breathing.

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