Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do you remember?

This was when I'm in from 5. Yeahs, missing those old good days with these peeps. Where are you guys? How are they living their life now? How do they look now? (The questions  keep on popping up in my mind though)  Do they miss me? To be frank, I miss them a lot.

These are the people that shine my life thru the ups and downs. I'm blessed to have this sort of crazy and unique friends.

I admit that I'm gonna miss them so much. Please let me know that you guys feel the same too.

Non! When are we gonna meet up? I've got plenty of story to tell dear :) Same goes to you kan?

"Its okay to mesmerizing the old good days. But past is past and it will remain as it. Why do we always make our life stuck in the past? Let it be and let it remains as sweet memories. Now, create a new one and make it as sweetest and memorable as it can be. Live in the present, not the past."

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