Monday, April 23, 2012

Let Me.

When others especially those that are close starting to asked;

' Why are you always tagging along or always with Aqeem? Don't you have any other friends or anyone else to accompany you instead of him? '

The only answer that I have;

' It's about commitments. Other people have other commitments. Mine are towards me and him. You might think that I don't have life outside from this circle of box but to let you know, we create stories together and sharing each ideas, jokes and commitments that always running in our head. People may think I am missing all the things out there, yet I did managed to survive and catch things up with others even while I'm together. I've managed to settle and achieved most of what I've aimed. I just can't wait to do more on something, something on the world that will me be mesmerized.'

Others might not know what have I been gone through these years. Just by seeing on the surface doesn't proves any of your judgement is right. For not knowing it, being a two is easier. Waiting for others to accompany me wherever and whenever? It'll take decades for me to have accompany. Yes, such reasons will be heard due to several factors such as time constraints, financial limitations, why should I waste my time if I know things would not be done at the end?  Such precious moments to be waste. Hence, let me tagged a party that really can accompany me. Being a pair isn't difficult but it gives us ball to face every things that the world can offer.

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