Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Countdown to 26th.

On 26th April every year, is someone special's birthday. Someone huge and someone yang sememangnya suka membuli saya. Even though orang lain tengok I'm the one who's keep on bullying him. Pffft, good impression you gave on me Sayang. Yes, Kekasih's anniversary. 26th?? God, besok je pun birthday you. You are all grown up. 22 dah awak :) Yet, I don't know either I'm ready enough ke tidak dengan hadiah and card. Tak deklah sehebat mana pun my present or card. Biasalah, DIY card kan. Instead of throwing a lot of money on a card, baik aku recycle je bahan-bahan yang ade di rumah. Heuheuheu. Kita harus jimat, ekonomi la ni tak berapa elok katakan ;b

So, the present is already been wrapped up. Tinggal sedikit sebanyak decoration. Because tak perlu heavy-heavy. I know you akan mengoyakkan sahaja wrapping itu ;b Orang lain busy dengan buat assignments, aku pulak busy dengan wrapping present and makin card yang I don't know it'll make you excited ke tidak. Wahahahahah.. Make sure you better love it Kekasih oiiii. Siap tulisan tuh, dah habis proper so that you can read it without berkerut-kerut.

I know for the past two years we were together, nothing much that I've done towards you. Not that much good deeds I guess. Errr, maafin ya? So, as for this year I plan to do something new and something that I won't be doing. Tapi, untukmu.. You know what I meant? Macam kisah dahulu tu. Eheeeemmm.. But I'm sorry because I can't throw a blast celebration for you due to certain constraints. So, due to a lot of ample times (yeah, macamlah banyak), I'll like to do everything by my own. I mean, the cards, wrapping, decorations.. with my own hand. Hope you'll love it. Dare to not!

These were the preparation. Siap Mak pun tolong haaa...

These were in the making of the Birthday Card :)

The present is all wrapped up. Purple rainbow gitu tauuu. 
Need to add a little decoration so tak nampak dull sangat. Ribon? Rose?

And the card finally looks like.......


Sorrylah, tak dapat nak tunjukkan intipati dalamnya. Tuan punya badan pun tak rasmikan lagi. Hehuhuehue..

The card and the present. Finally, Fin!

Selanjutnya akan di postkan setelah mendapat feedback dari bakal birthday boy :)

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