Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Having a good communication is important these days. Especially, those who have a very good PR do gives you an extra credit. Well, I do feel such a left out hanging out with those with a great PR, I tell you. Because, I'm not a good communicator which reflects how poor my PR are. I do feel kinda anxious facing new people but I adore and do enjoy meeting new people. No kidding. But, hye, still I'm able to catch up with sort of  conversation what. With only observe and hearing :). Just that, what topic, when to jump into the conversation? Hell, yeah, I'm such a loser.

People may put a thought that I'm kinda snobbish or might be shy. Yes, at first I guess. But, then I'll mildly may jump into the conversation. Maybe by loosing up and start a small mingle groups :) Pfttt, I do really need to improve my PR. Like seriously. Somebody?

Tak naklah nanti meeting new people muka aku terkejut beruk macam gini.

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