Friday, December 16, 2011

Tu diaaaa.


Waaah, it has been like for ages I didn't post any or even sign in this blog. Gosh, macam dull gila. 

Okay, lets start by asking, Wassup? Sehat semuaaaa? Ahaaa. Actually, I'm not like I was. With all the tests, quizzes and assignments. Macam, come on, dah nak final kot. What's with all the last minute assignments and test pulak? Ingatkan dah boleh bersuka ria untuk menghadapi study leaves since mine is like two weeks of study leaves then baru hadap test. Aih, I don't know what mood I'll be in, time facing those papers since yang lain almost finish with their papers. Membuak-buak nak balik adolah. Haih, cabaran sungguh.

Yeah, what is it pun, student kan. So, berusaha jelaaaah :) Chins up.

Besides that, lot of thing have happens this past few months. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of mood swings and lotssss of penny being spent T___T I wish the best for myself where, I'll save a lot of bucks before my semester ends. And the most, I miss home ;( and shoppingggggg.

Oh well, I should finish up my assignments now actually, but rather than that, I prefer visiting blogs for a while. Teheee, have a good day and weekends you guys :)

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